Dr. Sabitri Devi

Dr. Sabitri Devi

Associate Professor

Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Analytic Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Logic.
Date of Joining : Jan 9, 1996

Phone: 9435549686
Email: sabitri.devi@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile


Career Profile/ Services:

1. Lecturer (09.02.1996)

2. Lecturer & Head ( Feb,1999 - Jan,2006)

3. Associate Professor (February, 2002)

Administrative assignments within and outside the institute:

1. Lecturer & Head, Haflong Govt. College, Haflong (Feb,1999 - Jan,2006)

2. Superintendent i/c, SNBC Hostel (Feb-Aug, 2018)

Activities/assignments in the University:

1. Tutorial, question setting in P.G. and U.G. courses, Evaluation of answer script, setting & moderation of question paper & answer script, organizer of seminar

Research Projects

Sl. No. Principal Investigator Co Principal Investigator Title of the Project Period Sponsoring Agency Sanctioned Amount Status
1   -- Meaning and Experience: An examination of A.J. Ayer’s view 1999-2001 UGC-MRP 30,000/- Completed
2   -- Ethical, psychological and Practical aspect of Yoga philosophy with special reference to Raja Yoga 2011-13 UGC-MRPF.5- 454/2010-11 dt 16.09.11 1,00,000/- Completed


Research paper publications till 2021

1.Reflection of Yoga Philosophy and its origin, Sanghati :2:1: Feb,2013, p-72-77

2.Chronological study of the origin of Yoga; Sanghati,vol II:II:2013,p-98-108 (ISSN 2319-7366)

3.A reflection on Auguste Comte’s Positive Philosophy to understand society;Srinkahala,Vol-1:9:2014,p-67-72(ISSN:2321-290x)

4.Problem of Religious Language in Analytic Philosophy of Religion; Asian Resonance vol-III:IV:Octobar,2014,p-178-83

5. Justice: A Reflection on Rawls’ and Amartya Sen’s view; Periodic Research,Vol-III:IV: May,2015 p-140-45

6. A Reflection on Philosophy of Technology and Technological determinism; Remarking An Analisation,Vol II:VIII: January,2016,p-51-56.

7. A Reflection on Daya Krishna’s view on Indian Philosophy; Remarking An Analisation , Vol II:VIII: January,2016,p-39-43. (I.F. 4.473)

8. Consciousness and Science in Indian Philosophy-An analysis; Remarking An Analisation , Vol II: VII: Oct,2017,p-53-59.

9. The importance of environmental ethics in present day society; Sanghati :Vol-III: Dec 2017

10. The concept of Deconstruction in Philosophy with special reference to Jacques Derrida and Heidegger;Remarking An Analisation ,Vol III:IV: July,2018,p-119-23 

Book publication relating subject/research concerned

1. Outlines of Logical Positivism:; EVS Publishers (India),2013; (ISBN: 978-93-83252)

2. Analytic Philosophy Problem and Perspectives; EVS Publishers (India),2014 (ISBN: 978-93-83252)

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. INTRODUCTION: Analytic Philosophy -Problem and Perspectives, EVS Publishers (India),2014 pp-xix-xxxi(ISBN: 978-93- 83252)

2. Strawson’s concept of ‘conceptual schemes’; Analytic Philosophy -Problem and Perspectives, EVS Publishers (India),2014 p-184-89 (ISBN: 978-93-83252)

Research Scholars

Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 Ansuman Khataniar Wittgenstein
2 Jahangir Khan David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche
3 Hirajyoti Kalita Philosophy of Tagore and Gandhi
4 Bhaswati Talukdar Philosophy of Daya Krishna and J. N. Mohanty
5 Sabana Yesmin Medical Ethics
6 Deepamoni Sarma Philosophy of G. R. Malkani and S. Radhakrishnan
7 Pompi Kalita Philosophy of Adorno

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